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Reviving the Dead

As most of you know my Blog has been pretty dead recently due to my activities on other platforms, time constraints and a Virus infection through a backdoor of one of my Plugins of my old theme.
With the upcoming change in employment ill finally have more time again to focus on blogging a thing I really missed throughout the last year and hope to get back into. As most of you probably guessed theres gonna be a change of focus in  this blog since I rarely buy figures anymore and spend most of my time photographing real people dressed up as fictious characters xD

Ive set up the blog with a shiny new theme and as far as I can tell its running pretty stable and besides some minor problems like the formatting of blog posts its looking pretty slick. Be sure that i didnt get too full of myself with a pompous theme like this. I absolutely know my place  among the photographers out there and have alot to learn nevertheless I think a nice presentation of my pictures doesnt hurt. The blog will still be my personal playground with the usual shenanigans even though the picture side of things will get a more professional treatment. By now I learned that getting permissions for shooting on locations requires a certain status quoa and Ill try to fulfill it with this page.

I hope that there are still some people out there that actually care and are willing to travel the rough sea of blogging together with me. If you feel like helping me out you can explore the site which is in some areas still a bit rough around the edges and watch out for any bugs or other inconvieniences that may pop up. Most of the features arent that flashed out yet simply because I didnt have enough time to upload things but that will change with the coming days.

Ill try to bring back as many blog posts of the past back as possible but that will take some time and reformatting

Its good to be back

PS: Has anybody an idea for a logo? Currently its still the themes default and id like to get rid of it as soon as possible. Maybe I should commision someone to do it for me? My graphical capabilities are near nil. ^^;;;