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Leipzig book fair 2014 Cosplay Digest

Its been quite a while hasnt it? I always make good resolutions that I should blog more and in the end I do nothing xD

The fact that some of my Images got featured in a magazine about cosplay is the kick in the butt for me to actually take my resolutions and make them a reality! Without further ado I hereby present a selection of my Pictures from this years Leipzig book fair.

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The last two years have been quite a ride for me and while it were some hard times for me, especially employment wise, I can finally devote some time to blogging again. I was pondering how to start again after neglecting the blog for such a long period of time and came to the conclusion that with it now beeing January would be a good Idea to start some sort of Retrosperspective and then to look a bit at the future and what ive planned for it.

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Reviving the Dead

As most of you know my Blog has been pretty dead recently due to my activities on other platforms, time constraints and a Virus infection through a backdoor of one of my Plugins of my old theme. With the upcoming change in employment ill finally have more time again to focus on blogging a thing
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