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The Blogosphere is a dynamic social community and its easy to lose yourself in all the blogrolls of various blogs.You usually have to decide solely on the name if its worth your click and i think alot good blogs dont get the attention they should due to those circumstances.I want to help those by giving a short comment about their blogs.

Keep in mind that im doing this out of my free will.No Money/Blackmail/Monkeys involved

English Blogs

Animatic Figmation

The Blog of Persocom recently merged with Riiana Doons and Animatic Figmations delivers now twice as much fun!Its a nice mix of Real-Life,Vocaloid,Figma and general insanity.Be sure to check Riianas awesome Tattoo while you are there!


Hikky migrated from his blog to his very own domain blog is a mixture of tech geekery and his love for japanese visual culture which often features the abominable moe loli.As you probably know hes a pro at riding kangaroos like any good austrian.

Daybreak`s Bell

Q is a UK-born HongKonger and knows more about our german tanks(aswell as gundams) than me.His posts revolve around various topics and hes always there to answer your questions! He was recently bitten by the Figma Flea and started to play with tiny PVC women

Exelica Meteor

James must be an Alchemist and found a way to create gold.I cant find any other explanation for the infinite amount of figures that pop up at his blog.Whats even worse is that hes taking great photos of them and tempting me whenever I visit his blog


Some unknown,uninteresting Dude pretending to be a Stormtrooper


Superrats is the unrivaled master of figure photography.Give him Sader and hell make her look good


You are the Dancing Queens!Young and sweet,only seventeen! Okay that was a lie…DQ is one of the few female figure maniacs that digs anything GurrenLaggan.She recently got a DSLR and started to take great pictures aswell

Hynavian World

Hynavian is one of those people that inspired me to write up this blogroll.Shes a friendly AnimeBlogger that likes to stray from the anime path from time to time and presents interesting takes on life.

Jinto.0`s Blog

Jintoo hails from France and is one of the staff members of TsukiBoard.He must be crazy since hes writing a bilingual blog in french and english!Check out his detailed posts!

Meimi132 no Itami

Meimi is the biggest ToHeart nut i know…Seriously she must own pretty much any ToHeart figure recently made!Im still waiting for my chance to stalk her in her ToHeart Seifuku.I guess ill just have to read her broad spectrum of posts until then.

Meronpan has his very own,hilarious way of figure photography.Somehow its all ends in one figure harrassing another.^^ Be sure to check his Japanese class!


Lu-k is another great french figure photographer.Whats up with the french beeing so good at it?Hes also managing TsukiBoard and plays the trumpet in a band (if my memory serves me right)

Nest of the Fledging Otaku

GNdynames likes Saber.HE REALLY,REALLY LIKES SABER! When hes not drooling over Saber he also writes about figures,gundamns and even translates the Scenes from Fate Hollow/Ataraxia!

Nomad`s Otaku Corner

Kate is a  figure otaku from Australia but one of the lazy kind ;P She has so many hobbies thats shes quite busy.She likes to write Novels aswell but refuses to show them.Its time for Peer Pressure!

Ota desho?Ota Desu!

Ron~ is another figure otaku that comes from Australia and does the white background shots like no other!Hes also a member of a Circle and translates stuff from time to time.Hes like a swiss knife!

Otaku Dan: The Life of a Anime Fan

OtakuDan shares his thoughts on nearly everything 7 Days a week! I have no idea where hes taking all that time from but its always a good read

Picchars Otaku Blog

Picchar is not only a talented figure photographer but a great  artist aswell.She bought a few Bootlegs in the past and has some good posts up to save you from the same fate.

Saku`s AFK Corner

Saku is an Indonesian living in Toronto and writes about the things that interest him in his life.One of his goals is to meet new people through his blog.Dont be shy…He wont bite


Suki shares her personal thoughts on alot of Topics.She sends her thoughts from SouthAfrica.Did i mention that she probably kicks your ass in Quake3?^^


Panthers Blog is a weird combination of the usual Otaku Stuff and his personal often philosophic thoughts.You wont find any cheap i post half naked chicks for hits posts here just top quality stuff

The Disjointed Zone

Optic is our Figma meister.He can sniff out the Figma just by smelling the box(lie).He also regulary posts pictures of the half naked girls in the Megami Magazine ^^


If you think that Panthers posts are too short,then XjaymanXs posts are the right thing for you! His posts are sooo long that I forget half of it when im at the end.They are filled to the brim with interesting topics and everyday things happening to him

Zone Otaku

ZO is the TeamBlog of Zenical,BlueSnow and M and covers each writers personal tastes.Zenical is the person that inspired me to use a magazine styled theme for my blog!


LenVesper is the Live Feed Genius! He covers topics like Dakimakuras,Figure HealthCare or Interviews with other fellow bloggers.Be sure to drop by his next feed

Lylibellule knows how to build dioramas that put figures in the best way possible and shes among my favorite figure photographers.That shes a fan of Queens Blade helps alot 😛

Tentacle Armada

Tier posts about things that make him happy and these things happen to be ecchi PVC figures.His reviews are always original and often feature a good portion of humor.Watch out for Cameos of President Obama 😛

Cool and Spicy

Anonymous Object runs quite a few fan sites like e-shuushuu and kawaii-radio.Cool and Spicy is his personal blog where he posts about a wide range of things revolving around japanese media and personal happenings.

The Inferno Project

Tommy is a Toronto Resident and loves to post about Anime Figures,his hometown and other random things that come up  on his mind.


Guy is an Israelian Dude that loves to write Editorials and Reviews on his geeky hobbies wich have a wide range.Be sure to check his figure fridays.Its hilarious!

Listless Ink

Yi is a girl and she likes Yuri Manga and Anime.Do I have to say more? Off to her blog now!Still not convinced? She even shows her  roommates oranges in all their glory!

German Blogs

German Figure Hunters

Feldi has taken it upon himself to spread the figure Love among the German Community and delivers figure news and reviews

JimmPantsu delivers a broad spectrum of posts ranging from Anime News,Figure Reviews and Real Life Shenanigans with his buddies.Especially look out for Kuro the wraith of dakimakuras!

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