What is FlyingPussyfoot about?

Its a place where i can ramble about my anime related fancies.I try to keep it interesting for everyone but i guess itll be on the figure heavy side

Who is the lovely lad called Blowfish?

Im a 25 years old guy that lives in Germany and earns his money as a Physical Therapist

How did you get into Anime/Figures?

I actually watched my first Anime back in the 80s when guys thought that wearing tight pants and having a girls hairdo is cool.I didnt know that these series were Anime of course.They were animated series that entertained the little fella called Blowfish.I cant recall most of the series i watched back then but i still have very fond memories of Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs,Jungle Taitei,CaptainFuture and the like.The older i became the more i lost the interest into these. A few years later MTV Germany started to show Animes on wednesday evenings and i was introduced to Animes like Cowboy Bebop,LupinGoldenBoy etc.I really enjoyed these shows but decent Animes were rarely shown in German TV if shown at all.The Lack of shown Animes on TV resulted in a dying interest once again.It became alive again a few years later when the Internet offered a great library through streaming sites.That was the beginning of an Golden Era of Anime for me.I love to watch Animes since then and watch alot of Genres even though most will say that I only watch the ecchi stuff.

Now let me tell you the story how i got into collecting tiny plastic girls:

One Day in December 2007 somebody of the Gaming Community http://www.consolewars.eu opened up a thread about Anime Figures.I have been a regular reader of HappySoda for quite some time back then but never really thought about buying Figures myself.I talked with other interested people in the thread and i became really curious.They hooked me up with all i had to know about Figures and about a month later i ordered my first Figure.

How do I contact you?

My Nick is Blowfish and i have my own domain called flyingpussyfoot.com   HMMMM….

If you are up for some chitchat you have 3 options:

Contact me via ICQ under Two-One-One-Zero-Six-Six-One-Five-Six

MSN: Blowfish [ ät] hotmail.de

Twitter: Blasefisch

What the heck is a FlyingPussyfoot?

Its the name of the Transcontinental Train in the Anime Baccano!The Anime revolves around the “The Grand Punk Railroad” arc of the Baccano! light Novels.

Dont search for a meaning behind this…I just liked the name

Wich figures do you own?

Just go over to TsukiBoard and check my babes out

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